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The home stretch

Or at least the home stretch for speaker assembly.  We have five speakers working now and are pushing for three more each day so we can finish this week, but, even with the promised paradise of the Nintendo Wii, morale seems low.  After soldering for 2 – or is it 3? – weeks now, soldering has gotten very old very quickly, and so, in the spirit of earlier posts, here is a haiku:

Soldering is so

So, so, so, so, so, so hot

It burns.  Ow!  D**n it!

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After soldering for a couple hours today I have begun to feel a little loopy and thus have decided to take a blog post break.

Note: do not inhale tip tinner! It will leave you with a massive headache and everything may begin to feel slightly different.

Paul has said that we need a special place on the site to post all the absolutely horrid jokes that ensue when all us l2orkists get together in a smelly tinny room to solder, and I agree.  Here’s a taste:

“Man, that amp board is looking pretty rough.”

“Yeah. I would never bring it home to my motherboard!”

It’s pretty awful that I posted that because I said it in the RL.  I’ll try not to shamelessly display my verbal finess in the future.

I can’t wait until this all comes to fruition.  The speaker housings are looking sweeeeeeeetttt thanks to Eric and Brian.  Heck yessss.

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For four days we have been soldering. I’ve been seeing little pink spiders since I started breathing the fumes. Surely I jest, but these past few days have been incredibly productive. With the exception of a few burnt fingers (and the spiders) this week has gone off without a hitch. Good job, everyone!

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