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L2Ork Goes to the Fair

It’s been a while since we posted anything here. Rest assured, this is not because we’ve somehow forgotten about L2Ork or worse yet given up right when things got really exciting. Rather, the beginning of a semester is always a busy time for everyone involved and this year was no exception. So, to remedy the acute lack of fresh blogs, I am hereby posting a brief but nonetheless exciting announcement about our upcoming visit to the Virginia State fair. From September 29th until October 9th, L2Ork will be manning a booth with promotional materials and demo stations for visitors to explore. On the last two days of the fair (October 8th an 9th) L2Ork will be also performing four concerts on the Fair’s main stage. This will also be the first time the ensemble will require a full-blown PA system as we will be performing on an outdoor stage. Should be fun!

So, if you are in the area, stop by and say hi! :-)

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L2Ork 2.0

I would like to use this opportunity to welcome all our old and new L2Orkists back to the beautiful VT campus. We have some exciting things planned for this year including the upcoming North Carolina tour (and hopefully a couple surprises I am not a liberty to discuss just yet :-). I am also very pleased to report that as of this fall L2Ork has now 17 members. To top it all off, this past summer, we’ve worked hard at further improving upon the networking protocol and as a result our platform is now more stable than ever.

Indeed, there are a lot of exciting things in store for us this year, so stay tuned for more updates… soon!

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Welcome to 2010

It’s been an amazingly restful break, so much so, the other day when I was filling out some VT paperwork I could not remember my office phone number. I am hoping this is a sign I indeed had a good vacation, rather than the fact that I am getting old…

Over the past weeks we’ve had enjoyed some great news coverage on L2Ork:

Since our December debut our site has received over 660,000 hits in December alone and our story has been featured in a number of international news outlets. Consequently, I would like to use this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to all who have showed such a tremendous interest in and support for L2Ork. Special thanks go to our PR Manager Jean Elliott as well as L2Ork Stakeholders and Sponsors and obviously all l2orkists without whom none of this would’ve been possible.

As I look forward to another semester full of new L2Ork adventures, I hope you will stay with us as we post additional content and information on this site, including Linux image and other software goodies. In the meantime, I invite you to check out the stories above as well as get a taste of L2Ork by visiting our Media pages.

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There and Back Again

And so the fall semester began. The DISIS gang is back on campus digging into the laptop orchestra. Last week we finally made sound as an ensemble with our little netbooks and lovely hemi speakers and it was over-9000-amazing!

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