L2Ork System Setup

This page is currently under construction. We will announce comprehensive documentation and supporting tools soon! For the time being, please feel free to communicate your questions/concerns/contributions via the L2Ork-Dev public mailing list.


Folder Structure

L2Ork setup uses a single l2orkist account. All L2Ork files (apart from Pd install) are located in the l2orkist’s home folder as follows:

  • /home/l2orkist/L2Ork L2Ork root data folder
  • /home/l2orkist/L2Ork/Exercises/ place for pieces, compositions, and exercises
  • /home/l2orkist/L2Ork/PD/ Pd abstractions and external libraries

All locally installed Pd-L2Ork externals and supporting help-files are placed in the /usr/lib/pd-l2ork/ folder (for deb installs) or the /usr/local/lib/pd-l2ork/ folder (for binary script-based installs).


About Abstractions

L2Ork’s ~/L2Ork/PD/Abstractions folder can be downloaded using link provided on the Software page. Please note that for some of the abstractions to operate properly, you need to use them exclusively with Pd-L2Ork. Likewise, some of the patches/scripts rely upon externals whose source is also provided above. Although most abstractions are supported with *example.pd patches showing how they can be implemented, there is still a lot of work being done on their development as well as their documentation.

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