L2Ork… Soldering it together bit by bit.

After soldering for a couple hours today I have begun to feel a little loopy and thus have decided to take a blog post break.

Note: do not inhale tip tinner! It will leave you with a massive headache and everything may begin to feel slightly different.

Paul has said that we need a special place on the site to post all the absolutely horrid jokes that ensue when all us l2orkists get together in a smelly tinny room to solder, and I agree.  Here’s a taste:

“Man, that amp board is looking pretty rough.”

“Yeah. I would never bring it home to my motherboard!”

It’s pretty awful that I posted that because I said it in the RL.  I’ll try not to shamelessly display my verbal finess in the future.

I can’t wait until this all comes to fruition.  The speaker housings are looking sweeeeeeeetttt thanks to Eric and Brian.  Heck yessss.

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