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L2Ork 2011 European TourI guess holding off on the big announcement any longer would be simply uncivilized ;-), so here it goes…

After 8 months of planning, fundraising a metric ton of greenbacks, and literally thousands of hours of hard work distributed across dozens of souls, L2Ork is truly excited to announce our maiden tour of Europe May 12 – June 1, 2011. Joining forces with our guest soloist Ron Coulter and our talented soprano l2orkist Aurora Martin, the ensemble will be touring 7 countries, performing and holding workshops in following locations:

May 14 – Linz, Austria (as part of LiWoLi festival)
May 15 – Ljubljana, Slovenia (Kino Šiška)
May 18 – Croatia (Museum of Contemporary Arts)
May 21 – Hamburg, Germany (Academy of Music and Theater)
May 24 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (STEIM)
May 25 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Zaal 100)
May 26 – Utrecht, Netherlands (HKU)
May 30 – Paris, France (IRCAM)
June 01 – Oslo, Norway (NIME 2011)

I cannot thank enough to all who have generously contributed their precious time and helped us make this opportunity a reality: Ron Coulter, Robin Gareus, Marc Groenewegen, l2orkists, as well as our Stakeholders, both new and old who have played critical role in meeting the needs of our formidable budget.

So, there you have it! The cat is finally out of the bag :-). Hope to see you at one of our upcoming destinations! In the meantime, to stay up-to-date with the latest developments join our facebook page.

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Standing L2Ork Only

This weekend has been epically awesome to the max, in a word, epiwesomax.

Friday night’s preview went amazingly well. As the title of the post suggests the house was packed with attendees some of which had to stand in the back. It was a resounding success.

It was odd being back on a stage in front of people; it was a good odd at least, a comfortable odd.

Probably the best aspect of the night came with an invitation by Ico to the audience to join us on stage after the show. In less than 30 seconds it seemed as though half of the audience had come onto the stage and were clamoring about and around the computers, the speakers and the performers. Some were curious about the Wiimotes, the computers, how it all worked but they were all genuinely interested in the Orchestra as a whole.

Additionally we recorded in the Burruss Hall entry way on Saturday afternoon and I wish I could convey the awesomeness of the sound in that space in words… but I’m failing at that currently.

With the recent local and foreign press (I’m sure Ico will update about that soon enough) and the hope of travelling to perform it appears as though L2Ork has began its shaky first steps into fame.

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Not, really… I wanted to title it “Final L2Orkdown” but someone had already taken a title close to it… sneaky Ico. ANYWAY: It is Tuesday night before Friday’s big Sneak Preview and on top of the billion of other things to do this week, I couldn’t be more excited and I’m sure my fellow L2Orkists agree (even if for entirely different reasons). I’m excited to finally bring this to the public, even if it winds up being a select few, but I think more than anything I’m ready to take this thing to the next level.

I know, it seems as though I’m rushing ahead of myself, and other things, but I honestly feel like L2Ork is ready for the next step: fresher pieces, community involvement and fresher faces. I believe that after a month off some L2Orkists will begin to miss their time with the tiny netbooks and hemispherical speakers and want to return to making music. I believe that the L2Ork as we know it will be completely different than the L2Ork of the future and that will be made possible by fresh faces, new ideas and the innocence of children… wait what? You’ll see…

Well, it is time to go back to work; hopefully, we’ll see you on Friday!

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