Not, really… I wanted to title it “Final L2Orkdown” but someone had already taken a title close to it… sneaky Ico. ANYWAY: It is Tuesday night before Friday’s big Sneak Preview and on top of the billion of other things to do this week, I couldn’t be more excited and I’m sure my fellow L2Orkists agree (even if for entirely different reasons). I’m excited to finally bring this to the public, even if it winds up being a select few, but I think more than anything I’m ready to take this thing to the next level.

I know, it seems as though I’m rushing ahead of myself, and other things, but I honestly feel like L2Ork is ready for the next step: fresher pieces, community involvement and fresher faces. I believe that after a month off some L2Orkists will begin to miss their time with the tiny netbooks and hemispherical speakers and want to return to making music. I believe that the L2Ork as we know it will be completely different than the L2Ork of the future and that will be made possible by fresh faces, new ideas and the innocence of children… wait what? You’ll see…

Well, it is time to go back to work; hopefully, we’ll see you on Friday!

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