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Citadel with Boys & Girls Club Laptop Orchestra, DISIS Spring 2011 Event (photo by Alec Tebbenhoff)

Well, it’s been a week since our weekend marathon and the adrenaline is finally subsiding :-). And what a series of performances has it been! Starting with the sneak peek at Roanoke College on April 8th and followed by two benefit events on Virginia Tech campus in front of a nearly full concert hall (I must admit I was a bit concerned how many people we might get considering this was our first ticketed event), things ran smoother than ever. More so, this time the spring event was bigger than ever with four guest artists Ron Coulter (percussion), Brad Garton (electronics), Peter Kirn (electronics), and Dave Phillips (electronics). We’ve also had (thanks to all the hard work of Michael Matthews) a really funny piece for the 4th and 5th graders that integrated Renoise with pd-l2ork (which, by the way has seen a slew of recent releases with really cool improvements).

Consequently, I would like to use this opportunity to once again thank all our guests, supporters, partners, sponsors, as well as our Stakeholders without whom none of this would’ve been possible or made any sense.

Speaking of Stakeholders, you may have noticed in the recent weeks that our list of Stakeholders found on the right side of this page has grown considerably from 13 to 20. It is therefore my great pleasure to welcome our latest Virginia Tech Stakeholders: Alumni Relations, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Institute for Distance & Distributed Learning, Learning Technologies, Office of Academic Assessment, Outreach & International Affairs, and School of Performing Arts & Cinema.¬†This exciting development naturally begs a question–why such a sudden influx of new members? Well… let me tell you…

(to be continued ;-)

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RenoiseGreetings from the L2Ork central! Amidst tons of software updates we’ve been posting over the past couple days on our Software page, earlier today I learned that L2Ork has received a generous sponsorship from the Renoise folks, makers of the amazing and quite unconventional Renoise computer music composition & performance software in a form of a site license covering the entire L2Ork ensemble. One will surely wonder, what do we want to do with all these copies? ;-) While we keep you in suspense, why don’t you go and check out the latest and greatest in the L2Ork iteration of Pd (which BTW has seen dozens upon dozens of crucial bug fixes and usability¬†improvements¬†covering both the core program and supporting externals) available on our Software page. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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