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1st Prize

As usual, things are rather busy in L2Ork-land. As a matter of fact, so busy we’ve completely forgotten to blog (which reminds me I need to update both L2Ork and DISIS sites)…

We are once again thoroughly excited to be working with the 4th and 5th graders of the Boys & Girls Club of Roanoke, VA, we recently returned from the national SEAMUS 2011 conference, we just got a brand new piece finished that incorporates Taiji (a.k.a. Tai Chi) choreography, pd-l2ork is progressing beautifully with already hundreds of bug-fixes and improvements committed since last November (and now with a comprehensive documentation on how to install it), and we are only a month away from series of our spring performances (which once again, reminds me, I really need to update the “upcoming events” page asap). As if that weren’t enough, a couple weeks ago I learned that the revamped version of Half-Life composition for laptop orchestra and narrator (based on a piece originally written for L2Ork)┬áhas won the first place on the first international laptop orchestra composition commission competition sponsored by our sister MONSTER laptop orchestra at Montana State University. Yay!

All that said, provided next couple of weeks go as planned, we are gearing up for another huge announcement, so stay tuned for more L2Ork goodness! In the meantime, as a shameless plug for my DISIS computer music students, they’ve just released their first Max album in the “aural pixels” series featuring real-time generated experimental tunes. So, head over to the DISIS portfolio page for some screechin’, FMlicious goodness.

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Entrusting the L2Ork Hemi Cohort to Our Benevolent OverlordAnd so the first phase of what is hopefully going to be a very long (in a good way :-) saga in the life of L2Ork draws to a close and it seems like a perfect opportunity to once again thank all involved for their hard work and dedication. Not only have we met most if not all of our projected summer milestones relying exclusively upon a cohort of undergraduate student researchers, but have also managed to squeeze-in a few extras and to top it all off have a good deal of fun doing so!

So, once again I thank all Students and Colleagues: Dr. Martin and Prof. Standley for your hard work and dedication, I wish you a very pleasant and restful summer and I hope to see at least some of you in the fall as part of what is to become the very first generation of L2Orkists. Until then, be safe, get plenty of rest (you have definitely deserved it), and perhaps most importantly be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

Now, back to packing… Vacation, here I come!

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