Below is a small assorted collection of photos. For a more exhaustive list check out our Facebook photo album.


In the Beginning

A Beginning of a New Friendship... Genius at Work Buddies


Let the Building Begin!

Mmmmmm... Boxes... Silly Penguin, Hemis Are For L2Ork! Box of Blue Love from MSI Sweet Stuff from Sweetwater Soldering Party in the Cyber Studio Featuring "the Boss," Maya, and Paul As If One Acronym Weren't Bad Enough Nice Shirt, Tom! The Overlord is Watchin' Silly Penguin, Hemis Are Not Eggs!


L2Ork in Action

L2Ork Debut Photo L2Ork Photo for the Front Cover of Linux Journal L2Ork at IUPUI Intermedia FestivalL2Ork Debut, Virginia Tech Studio Theatre, December 04, 2009 Citadel with Boys & Girls Club Laptop Orchestra, DISIS Spring 2011 Event L2Ork 2013 L2Ork 2013 Unplugged L2Ork 2011
L2Ork 2012


L2Ork on Tour

Preparations for the Ljubljana Performance (Spring 2011) Ljubljana Spring 2011 Lighting Prep Set up in Ljubljana (Spring 2011) Pre-show in Ljubljana (Spring 2011) Hillary interviewing for Croatian Nat'l TV in Zagreb (Spring 2011) News crews at the Zagreb concert (Spring 2011)

Stage after the concert in Zagreb (Spring 2011) Ron Coulter in Ljubljana (Spring 2011) Lunch in downtown Ljubljana with the group (Spring 2011) Setting up in Zagreb (Spring 2011) L2Ork in Paris



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