Full Steam Ahead

So, we’ve hit a few roadblocks along the way, ironically most of them having little to do with L2Ork itself, and more with the Man-Bear-Pig flu (or whatever they call it these days). Now that most of us are back on our feet, we are moving full steam ahead.

After series of exercises exploring Wiimote/Nunchuk as an expressive hyerinstrument, we’ve settled on developing more elaborate iterations of exercises 4 and 5. Exercise 4 utilizes bowing metaphor to produce sound while allowing performers to shape and modify their sound through a series of gesture-driven filters (e.g. pitch-shifters, vocoders, delays, etc.). Exercise 5 deals with percussive side of things while still offering a relatively broad vocabulary of possibilities, ranging from sustained shapes to microscopic glitch-like slices.

Our L2Ork family has grown this fall to incorporate 9 new performers. In the coming days, as we create and distribute new blogging accounts, our new members will hopefully join me in posting their impressions of the L2Ork’s maiden journey (note to self: need to update the L2Orkists page asap). In the meantime, stay tuned for more L2Orklicious updates…

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