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L2Ork at Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary ArtsAs they say, what does not kill you makes you stronger. With the bout of challenges the ensemble faced over the past few days we approached our next venue in Zagreb’s magnificent Museum of Contemporary Arts (event page) with great caution. And it seems that our preparedness has indeed paid off. Not only did we land a series of interviews, including the nationwide RTL TV (broadcast today as part of the 6:30PM national news, fast-forward to 26:17 on the timeline for our segment) and the Croatian National Radio, but our story also aired in the most unsuspecting places, such as the popular Croatian computer magazine. More so, ensemble’s creative output has been compared to famous artists such as Stockhausen and Cage, as well as Einsturzende Neubauten, something that we’ve found quite flattering. Following the concert, once again the stage was swamped with curious audience members, something that has by now become the staple of our concerts. Needless to mention the event was a great success that has left us all energized and motivated more than ever before.

Tomorrow 11am-3pm, a national radio show titled “Putovi Hrvatske Glazbe” (loosely translated as “Paths of Croatian Music”) will air featuring L2Ork works and an interview, followed by additional broadcasts of various pieces over the next couple of weeks. Similarly, a TV show titled e-Hrvatska (e-Croatia) will in coming days air on the national HTV an interview with excerpts from the performance. We will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we know more. We are also working on editing video footage which we will be posting hopefully soon. In the meantime, to keep up with latest tour developments, join our facebook page. For a media fix, check out David’s L2Ork tour photo journal.

Next stop, May 21st @ 8PM at Hamburg, German, with a performance at the Academy of Music and Theater.

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1st Prize

As usual, things are rather busy in L2Ork-land. As a matter of fact, so busy we’ve completely forgotten to blog (which reminds me I need to update both L2Ork and DISIS sites)…

We are once again thoroughly excited to be working with the 4th and 5th graders of the Boys & Girls Club of Roanoke, VA, we recently returned from the national SEAMUS 2011 conference, we just got a brand new piece finished that incorporates Taiji (a.k.a. Tai Chi) choreography, pd-l2ork is progressing beautifully with already hundreds of bug-fixes and improvements committed since last November (and now with a comprehensive documentation on how to install it), and we are only a month away from series of our spring performances (which once again, reminds me, I really need to update the “upcoming events” page asap). As if that weren’t enough, a couple weeks ago I learned that the revamped version of Half-Life composition for laptop orchestra and narrator (based on a piece originally written for L2Ork) has won the first place on the first international laptop orchestra composition commission competition sponsored by our sister MONSTER laptop orchestra at Montana State University. Yay!

All that said, provided next couple of weeks go as planned, we are gearing up for another huge announcement, so stay tuned for more L2Ork goodness! In the meantime, as a shameless plug for my DISIS computer music students, they’ve just released their first Max album in the “aural pixels” series featuring real-time generated experimental tunes. So, head over to the DISIS portfolio page for some screechin’, FMlicious goodness.

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XCaliber Award

A couple weeks ago I learned that L2Ork was awarded 2010 Virginia Tech XCaliber Award that is given out every year “for exceptional, high caliber contributions to technology-enriched teaching and learning.” Special thanks go to l2orkists past and present for their time and dedication that has made this award possible!

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Welcome to 2010

It’s been an amazingly restful break, so much so, the other day when I was filling out some VT paperwork I could not remember my office phone number. I am hoping this is a sign I indeed had a good vacation, rather than the fact that I am getting old…

Over the past weeks we’ve had enjoyed some great news coverage on L2Ork:

Since our December debut our site has received over 660,000 hits in December alone and our story has been featured in a number of international news outlets. Consequently, I would like to use this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to all who have showed such a tremendous interest in and support for L2Ork. Special thanks go to our PR Manager Jean Elliott as well as L2Ork Stakeholders and Sponsors and obviously all l2orkists without whom none of this would’ve been possible.

As I look forward to another semester full of new L2Ork adventures, I hope you will stay with us as we post additional content and information on this site, including Linux image and other software goodies. In the meantime, I invite you to check out the stories above as well as get a taste of L2Ork by visiting our Media pages.

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Publicity!  And we didn’t even ask for it!  A recent article published by Con-Techie and Associated Content is the first official media coverage of L2Ork, which came out as a result of a Con-Techie team member apparently randomly stumbling across this site (not that we feel any less flattered).  The article, an interview with our very own Maestro of L2Ork Dr. Ico Bukvic, gives an overview of what L2Ork is, some of the reasons for building L2Ork the way we did, and a slight glimpse into the future the ensemble.  Here are the links to the Con-Techie and Associated Content articles.  Enjoy!

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